Building a webapplication ? Time to choose Angular or React


Web development has many parts in it. Everyone will hear two words when you jump into it, Front-end and Back-end. Front-end comprimises of user intractive screens which is running on client-side browser. Back-end is nothing but the process running in server.

For single page application, JavaScript framework is used by most of the developers. But we have many Javascript frameworks Angular, React, Vue, etc.

React: Built by Facebook in 2013, It is an open-source JavaScript library

Angular: Build by Google in 2010. It is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework.

Why React ?

It is build combining HTML and Javascript which makes it easy to learn. Application is faster due to React’s Virtual DOM implementations and rendering optimization. Complex application can by build easily and scaled as it implements functional programming with components. React framework is one of the most popular JS frameworks used by companies like Facebook, Slack, Airbnb, Instagram, Microsoft, etc.


developers have to make their own design choices, Apps written with React need additional libraries to be used.Poor Documentation: React technology is constantly updating,developers write instructions on their own with the evolving of new releases.difficult to keep with the latest documentation.React uses JSX It’s a syntax extension that allows HTML with JavaScript mixed together. community consider JSX as a barrier, especially for new developers. ReactJS Covers only the UI Layers of the app and nothing else. need to choose some other technologies to get a complete tooling

Why Angular ?

It uses TypeScript which provide great support for type checking and other external tooling. It speed up your development by having autocomplete inside of component external HTML template files. Angular focuses on providing you a full collection of tools to use. We are free to use Angular Cli which makes easier to manage Angular projects to add dependencies and deploy.AngularJS became extremely popular among engineers. A strong community provided enough training materials


Angular has a lot of learning as it includes different structures like Injectables, Components, Pipes, Modules and more. Angular uses the real DOM, so performance is affected. Complex SPAs could be laggy and inconvenient to use due to their size. It is solved by ChangeDetectionStrategy, which manually control the rendering process.

Had a basic idea on both the framework ?? Let’s jump in to our interesting part. Yup that’s coding !!!

Let’s see the difference between Javascript and Typescript syntax.

React uses JSX.JSX gets compiled into regular JavaScript code once you build your project. This component is created in React through Javascipt, as you see it’s just a simple JavaScript functions.

Angular uses TypeScript. Typescript is nothing new, It’s just a superset to JavaScript. Project build using Angular converts TypeScript code into browser-compatible JavaScript code.

Are you a developer confused on deciding between these two ?? Here are som of the factors that might help you.


If performance is a your concern always remember based on performance, it’s very hard to find solutions that will work for every situation. Both framework are best when using starting time and runtime as metrics But, Angular apps are larger than React which will not be an issue on smaller Apps. React was believed to win because of its virtual DOM as it is designed with performance in mind and support for the virtual DOM. When you are going for a Very large, enterprise-grade applications, then angular is in upper hand as it updates itself very often, consequently producing a need to frequently update our code.


both frameworks are good and used world-wide but working with React, you have to be a continuous learner since the framework is often updated. Angular is backed up by google, So it provides the long-term support of the framework and constantly improves it


React uses JavaScript ES6+ combined with JSX script. JSX is nothing but JavaScript code resemble that written in HTML which is compiled in browsers. Angular uses typescript, TypeScript is more compact than JavaScript, the code is easier to navigate

Learning Curve:

React is very minimalistic and will be very easy to understand. You also need to learn the Redux library, which is used in more than half of React.there are quite a lot of best practices in React.Angular itself is a huge library, and learning all the concepts associated with it.Some complicated features are embedded into the framework core, which means that the developer cannot avoid learning and using them.Angular is more complex to understand, there is a lot of unnecessary syntax, and component management.

Finally, we have reached the part where its time to say “The END”

React seems simpler at first sight, and it takes less time to start working on a React project.

Angular itself is more complex and takes quite some time to master. Yet, it is a powerful tool that offers a holistic web development experience

Now Its time to choose the framework, Yes, Both are good, nothing is Best.

Personal preference, requirements of our application makes us to choose one, In short, If you are building a Cruise ship go for Angular, If you are building a fishing boat/ sailboat go for React.

Do not forget to learn both frameworks and much more in our industry. Don’t stop learning there, time to dive in-depth into each framework